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In shelter Dog

Yakima, WA, 98901
Pet name:
Siberian Husky
Meet Naches, a 2-year-old male Husky mix.

Naches is such a fun dog. Both the handler and photographer had some much fun with him during his photo shoot. Naches is very "husky." He talks when trying to get your attention and gives loads of play bows to entice you to interact. Naches loves going outside to the off-leash area to play with toys. If you toss time he will prance after them and ran around with them in his mouth. We adore this fun loving guy. He definitely will need a securely fenced yard as this smarty pants knows where the gate is and loves to run free, if you dont have a fenced yard we would recommend he is on leash when outside. We wouldnt say Naches loves to dig, but he is a husky and that comes with the territory. Naches will scratch and paw at the earth to get all the good smells and to make a little divot for himself to cool off in, none of this is surprising considering what his breed is. If you are looking for a good-nature fluffy boy who loves to explore, be a part of the action and see new things, come meet Naches! 

If you are interested in adopting this pet please fill out an adoption questionnaire at A Yakima Humane Society staff member will contact you once your questionnaire has been received. A Picture says 1000 words...right? While an animals picture draws interest, the reality is that as a potential adopter most people would like as much information as possible about a pet. The Yakima Humane Society is an open admission shelter. What does this mean? Over 90% of the pets at the adoption center arrive as strays, no history of behavior or medical care is known. Adding a pet to your family is a big responsibility. Please research carefully and remember that adoption is life saving. Adopt Dont Shop.


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