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In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, CA, 90039
Pet name:
DOB: 9/5/2023
Biscuit is a handsome fellow with big "buttons" on his belly and bold stripes on his back. He is a charming fellow who loves, loves, loves people! Bottle fed and cared for with his siblings from about 2 weeks on, he will fall fast asleep in your arms. He is a true plug-and-play kitten who would do well in just about any home.
Biscuit and his siblings live with an energetic child who often gives them stern lectures on appropriate classroom behavior, has endeavored to teach them to dance, and will even sometimes cuddle and pet them. They all adore her and the other children they have met!
Biscuit would love to be adopted with one of his brothers (Cheese, Parsnip, or Del). He is still very young and spends most of his time wresting with them and learning bite inhibition and other social cues that can only be taught by another animal who is in constant contact.
If you are interested in learning more about this kitty or in adopting him, please click here to email his foster parent.If you are unable to send an email to the foster parent through the link included above, please contact us and let us know what kitty youre interested in. You may also fill out our adoption questionnaire to speed up the screening process. Be sure to name the cat in the CAT PREFERENCE field at the beginning of the questionnaire. If the above links arent live, our contact form and questionnaire are available on our website at our fees and adoption policies and procedures, please click here.


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