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Quincy and Hammie (bonded pair)   

In shelter Cat

Minneapolis, MN, 55419
Pet name:
Quincy and Hammie (bonded pair)
Tabby (Buff / Tan / Fawn)
Coat length:
Quincy and Hammie are a bonded pair of 10-month-old sweet and playful brothers looking for their forever home!

Hammie is very friendly, brave, and curious, and loves to play with Quincy and the other cats in the home. He’s polydactyl and so has the cutest “thumbs”. We call him our “floppy” cat because he loves to just “flop” wherever he is, or hang over the side of whatever he’s sitting on.

Quincy takes a little longer to warm up to new people, but when he gets lovey, he purrs so loudly and will rub up against you to let you know it’s time for pets! He may even roll over for a good belly rub! Quincy has a slight heart murmur, which the vet said only requires watching at this time.

They love to play with toys dangled by their humans, and also enjoy playing with each other, usually morning and evening. Midday is for napping at the tippy top of a tall cat tree. They have access to a catio and very much like to spend time outside in this safe, screened-in area daily. (Otherwise, these adorable guys are indoor cats only!)

Both are young and energetic and will do well in a family who will play with them to help get their energy out!

This dynamic duo currently lives in a single-family home, with two kids, and several other cats. Their ideal home would be in a house with people who are familiar with caring for cats, and who could be patient with them as they settle in and come out of their shells.
Room to get their kitten energy out, as well as access to windows to watch the world, a screened-in porch, or enclosed catio would be ideal. Quincy and Hammie are unknown with dogs, but would do very well with gentle kids and active, playful, fun-loving cats. 

If you’d like to add double the fun to your holiday season, consider adding these sweet boys to your family.

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