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In shelter Cat

Palmyra, VA, 22963
Pet name:
Tabby (Orange / Red)
I’m the very embodiment of the happy go lucky, social, and spunky orange tabby boy.  Nothing gets me down and I adjust quickly to just about any situation.  What I do insist on is lots of Buck loving and attention.  I am the life of any party, playful and just full of myself.  Come into my room and I’ll greet you enthusiastically, anxious to strike up a friendship and perhaps a life long love affair.  Soft as down and sweet as the orange sherbet color of my fur, I’m just the best of companions and friends.  

February 2021 update:  Though he’s well into his senior citizen status, Buck is by no means done breaking hearts!  He’s less active than he was during his younger days and has become more of a couch potato.  With playing pretty much cleared from his schedule, all Buck really wants to do is snuggle!  He is one of CFC’s most relaxed, loving cats and can often be found curled up in a cozy corner, waiting for pets.  On warm days, Buck enjoys spending time in the sun on our enclosed porch.  He gets along well with his fellow cats in the FeLV Observation room and is particularly fond of his fellow orange tabby Copper Joe.  Buck would make an excellent companion for lazy days spent sleeping in, but even if you live a more active lifestyle, Buck is happy to nap on his own until you’re ready to join him!  Because of his FeLV+ status, Buck cannot live with other cats who do not share his diagnosis.  Dogs, on the other hand, are completely fine, and Buck’s favorite type of animal is humans!  If this sweet older boy sounds like a welcome addition to your family, submit an adoption application today!

Fall 2022 Update: Buck is such a nice, pleasant fellow.  This guy is always open to welcoming folks into his room and in particular hed love for you to please come on out and join him on his catio.   Buck has a newer buddy.  His name is Sonney.    Its heartwarming to see the two of them sharing close quarters to each other enjoying the cooler outside temps and the beginnings of a fall color show. 

Fall 2023 Update: Buck is a hard working cat.  He is what we might call the "balancer" in the room as he slowly maneuvers around helping to keep the peace and perhaps even resolve kitty disputes!   We can count on Buck to greet us humans as we enter the room and in return,  its always appreciated if we give him some pets on his head and body.  One of the most pleasant natured kitties, we can count on Buck to help newer arrivals to his room to settle in and live their best life.  Buck is doing well health wise and has no new health concerns.  He continues to be a joy to have under our care and well look forward to seeing him outside on his catio taking in the fall color show. 

Born:  2/3/07
Date of Arrival at CFC:  10/22/10
History:  Due to circumstances beyond their control, Buck’s guardians could no longer care for him.


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