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In shelter Cat

Richmond, IN, 47374
Pet name:
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
Want a one eyed wonder cat?

Love a good rescue story?

Like those cute peets??

Make Magpies rag-to-riches tale complete by giving him a loving home.

Magpie was found along a busy highway, hiding in the bush, darting in and out of traffic. He and three siblings had been tossed on the road, and by the time someone stopped, only Magpie was left alive. 

His first night in rescue was scary. Emaciated, weak, and half blind, we did all we could to make sure he made it another 24 hours.

And he did. And very quickly he showed us what a TOUGH and loving boy he is. Not only did he recover fast and quickly gained weight, but his infection cleared up too. Though he would be blind in one eye, there has been no need for additional surgery per his vet. His other eye is bright and healthy.

Magpie is a very playful and energetic tabby who KNOWS hes boss. He plays with big and small cats alike. We think he will be cool with kids, but dogs have made him nervous. A calm, disinterested dog MAY be okay. Magpies home should at least ONE other playful cat or kitten to keep him happy, or be ready to spend extra time with enrichment activities. Beyond that, his needs are easy. 

Magpie is NOT special needs - but he is special. He might need his eyes checked again in the future, if there is any discomfort. At this time he does not need ANY additional medication or care, per his vet. 

Magpie has been neutered and has his rabies shot, 2 distemper shots, and microchip. All Monkey Cats rescues are defleaed and dewormed on intake, and as needed.

If you are hoping to make this special kitty your new friend, please fill out an application and we will reach out to you as time allows. We choose the best home possible and accept MULTIPLE applications before choosing the right one, but if you meet all our prereqs, we will get back to you - PROMISE! 

Meet and greets and transportation may be available throughout the Midwest and East Coast (other opportunities do come up as well - please inquire).


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