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In shelter Dog

Forsyth, GA, 31029
Pet name:
Meet our Cowboy! 
This big fella is one fine pup! He is super friendly with dogs and with people too. He was picked up as a stray by the local animal control. Someone has to be missing this sweet boy. It is clear that he has a foundation of house-training as he doesnt make a mess in his kennel. Cowboy is currently working on his leash skills and is catching on quickly. He is a big and strong pup. He is said to have been born sometime in June of 2019 and he weighs 70 pounds.
Cowboy would do best in a home with older children due to his higher energy level and large size. Secure fence required.
Please contact the Save A Pet shelter at 478-994-3882 or send a message through Petfinder.
UPDATE to add: Cowboy went on an extended trial-adoption with a family that adores him but just doesnt have the space/yard that he needs. He is super active and needs to be able to run. Here is what they say about Cowboy: He is sweet, not much of a cuddler but he will if you let him on the couch or bed with you. He is very smart, loves learning. This dog is extremely active, he can run and swim for hours. Hes picky about the dogs he likes and doesnt, same with people. 
Hes mostly chases cats, but weve been working with him and hes getting better. I think he really just wants to play.


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