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In shelter Dog

Mooresville, NC, 28117
Pet name:
Are you ready to meet your new best friend? Look no further, because Bubba is here, and hes ready to shower you with love, affection, and plenty of slobbery kisses! This big, chunky dog is an absolute sweetheart with a heart as big as his size. With his adorable droopy face and soulful eyes, Bubba is sure to melt your heart from the moment you meet him.

One thing youll notice about Bubba right away is his incredible enthusiasm for people. He simply adores every person he comes across, and his excitement is contagious! While he may get a little too excited when he sees new friends, a little training will help channel his energy in a positive direction. The best part? Bubba is incredibly smart and a quick learner, which means hell pick up on training commands with ease.

Water lovers, rejoice! Bubba has a deep passion for all things aquatic. Whether its a refreshing dip in the pool or splashing around in the sprinkler, Bubbas love for water knows no bounds. If you have a backyard pool, you can expect to find him blissfully lounging in the water, enjoying the coolness on warm days. If youre a fan of water activities, Bubba will be your perfect companion for swimming or even a beach adventure.

Bubbas ideal forever home would be one where he receives lots of love, attention, and mental stimulation. He thrives on human companionship, so a family or individual who can spend quality time with him would be perfect. If youre looking for a loyal, affectionate, and intelligent companion, Bubba is the dog for you. Hes ready to fill your days with endless love, laughter, and fun-filled adventures. So, why wait? Come meet Bubba today and discover the joy of having this big, chunky sweetheart as a part of your family!