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In shelter Dog

Maysville, NC, 28555
Pet name:
Treeing Walker Coonhound
Sig was found in Maysville, limping and completely exhausted, on the verge of death without medical intervention. He was taken into the hospital with ears infested so badly by ticks, he could not even HEAR, and subsequently tested positive for Ehrlichiosis (tick borne disease similar to lyme that affects the joints and creates internal swelling). He also has a laceration on he right arm and because the wound is so old, will likely need an amputation. Sig is like most hunting dogs in this area, where he is backyard bred, and either gets lost or the hunters turn them lose because they are injured and of no use to them any longer. It is disgusting how these so called "professional hunters" care for their dogs in this area. Sig was so infested with parasites, they would have literally bled him dry form the inside out and he would have died an agonizing death by starvation. 

But he is safe now and getting the care he needs to recover and become a house dog! If you have never considered a hound before, they are affectionate, goofy, and loyal dogs. He is still healin from being starved and sick, but we look forward to seeing his personality bloom!

Vetting: All of our dogs are microchipped and UTD on vaccines: Distemper-Parvo w/Lepto, Bordetella, and Rabies (if age appropriate). They receive monthly flea/heartworm prevention while in our care and receive fecal and heartworm testing. Most of our dogs are de-wormed at least twice unless we receive negative fecal results. They are spayed or neutered or pending a spay or neuter (unless age or a health condition precludes this). 

Adoption Application: If you are interested in adopting, please visit our website for more information and to fill out an adoption application. A meet and greet cannot be scheduled until we receive and adoption application. No exceptions. 

Foster-to-Adopt Program: All of our dogs are available to foster prior to adoption. This means the dog can stay are you now instead of waiting! During this time, Castaways will continue to provide remaining medical vetting and any supplies you might need! This includes but is not limited to: food, crates, bowls, collars/leashes, toys, etc. View our forms and policies page for more information.


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