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In shelter Cat

Fort Leavenworth, KS, 66027
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Stone is one of the "Rock Babies" -- they have had all of their vet care, plus lots of socialization and love at the facility, and Stone is the last of the litter waiting to find a home.
Stone is very outgoing and vocal. He is an attention hog, and we love it!
Stone is about 6 months old.

Stone is a trip, Its that simple. His quirky qualities are that he loves to be up high. The higher the cat tree, the better! He also loves to climb up our screen door, which was adorable when he was tiny, but a little less so now, but its still cute to see him spidermanning his way up to the top. His primary goal, to get out of the kitten room to run around and play with the other kitties! Stone can be shy, or super outgoing depending on his mood at the moment. He loves to supervise those who change the litter, and will do so by climbing on your back to watch and make sure you do a thorough job. As you can sense with the theme, Stone is a climber. If you have stairs in your home, I can guarantee he will climb them. I guarantee if he could sing, hed sing Aretha Franklins "Aint no mountain high enough" at the top of his lungs, but alas, he cant, so no Americas got Talent for him.  What would be available for him, is a loving home for him to live out his climbing dreams! Hes 6/7 months old, so thats a long time of climbing years left for him. Stones a pretty great kitty and we all love him up here, but know hes ready for his own home! If you think youd like to meet this tiny climber and  see if he chooses you  to be his pooper scooper and dispenser of treats, call or stop by to meet him!

Call 913-684-4939, visit 510 Organ Ave. 11-4 MWF, email