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Diamond Stash   

In shelter Cat

San Jose, CA, 95112
Pet name:
Diamond Stash
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He is a great addition to a familyThis extremely handsome young lad is a true diamond of a kitty. He has the cutest face markings, just like the name Diamond Stash (the diamond mark is stashed on his forehead where it looks like the white streak would end), and the white tuxedo and paws to go with it all. Diamond is a happy and loving kitty and playful. He loves other felines and gentle dogs. And kicking back with you on the couch watching TV! He likes any kind of toy and can keep himself occupied when you are busy, if his other 4-legged friends arent into playing right then. He is totally easy to care for; he loves all kinds of foods and treats, and is perfect about his litter tray.

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