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In shelter Dog

Charlotte , NC, 28208
Pet name:
Red / Chestnut / Orange
Coat length:
Introducing Thor, a majestic red Vizsla-Pitbull Terrier mix who, at two years old and 68 pounds, is the epitome of a gentle giant. His vibrant coat and heartwarming eyes are enough to make anyone stop in their tracks, but it’s his personality that truly captures hearts.

Thors love for people is as vast as the sky. He has a big heart and enjoys being around humans, soaking up all the affection and love he can get. When it comes to his canine companions, hes dog-friendly, though he hasnt been around overly energetic dogs much. Hes been paired with Barbie, a low-energy pup, and they get along famously, showing that Thor appreciates a calm and peaceful canine friend.

Initially, Thor might come across as a bit timid. Its just him being cautious and taking his time to assess his surroundings. But give him a bit of patience mixed with heaps of praise, and watch him blossom into a confident and happy dog. Hes like a giant teddy bear, craving affection and eager to share his love. When Thor is content, he shows it in the most adorable way – a little tappy tap dance with his feet and his ears joyfully moving up and down. Its a sight thats guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

In line with our policy, we recommend Thor goes to a home with children aged 10 and up, ensuring a safe and harmonious environment for him to thrive in.

If youre looking for a loving companion whos a big baby at heart, Thor might just be the one for you. His ability to bring joy and light into any home is unparalleled. To learn more about Thor and possibly welcome him into your family, get in touch with us. Thor is all ready to tap dance his way into his forever home.


Adoption Application:


Thor is currently being fostered in Texas! Our Rescue provides transport to his forever home, we have transports every week!


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