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Maverick, Beanstalk, and Chunk   

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Hope Valley, RI, 02832
Pet name:
Maverick, Beanstalk, and Chunk
Red-Eared Slider
Names: Maverick, Beanstalk and Chunk
Species: Red-eared sliders and hybrid aquatic turtles
Ages: unknown

We have a few very special aquatic turtles looking for adopters! All available turtles will need to be adopted separately and will need to reside in an aquarium specific to each of their needs. Aquatic turtles are inquisitive, intelligent animals that benefit from a varied enrichment such as feed balls, rock work, and decorations. Aquatic turtles, like parrots, have long-lifespans ranging from 20-40 years that require specialized care. While aquatic turtles are excellent swimmers they spend much of their time basking on logs, rocks, and beaches. 

Aquatic turtles require a strong filtration system, water heaters, and specialized lighting including basking lights and UVA/UVB lighting essential for proper bone growth and formation. Additionally, aquatic turtles have very specific nutritional needs that encompass a wide variety of foods which include mealworms, crickets, pellets, and fresh veggies.

All turtles we are seeking homes for are males that have unique, individual needs. If you have experience with aquatic turtles and are interested in adoption, please EMAIL for a questionnaire. 

Please note that Red-eared sliders are illegal to own in CT, MA and ME and are restricted to indoor enclosures in RI.

*Inquiries will not be responded to, please fill out an application through our website or email with specific questions.*


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