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Animal Rescue of Crosby County

430 N Front St, Crosbyton, TX 79322, United States

Adoption policy

Welcome to Animal Rescue of Crosby County on! \xa0We are a 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization that primarily rescues dogs from the Crosby County area. \xa0We have a passion for all animals in need! \tOur mission is to support the Crosby County community in promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, as well as providing assistance for basic animal care, education, and a pet pantry to benefit the residents of the county. We can hold approximately 30-35 dogs at our facility and oftentimes we are completely full. We strive to continue to make improvements at our facility to make the time a dog spends there as comfortable and safe as possible. \tWe are always looking for more volunteers and foster homes to help with our mission of saving as many animals as possible. Please contact us with any feedback or questions and thank you in

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