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CATS - Caring About The Street-Cats Rescue

Adoption policy

CATS is a No-Kill, Safe Haven Rescue CATS-Caring About The Street-Cats Rescue was born in August 2012 when I heard that some residents of our village threatened to poison the stray cats.\xa0 Even though I already had 30+ of my own rescue cats I knew I had to do something to help these dear homeless cats. I immediately met with the Village Council and mayor and proposed a plan to catch-spay/neuter-vet and re-home the homeless village cats\xa0 The village could not allocate any funds for CATS so all monies to spay/neuter/vet these dear cats comes from the sale of my handmade Bath and Body products and occasional donations. To date, 323 cats have been rescued from our village and the surrounding area and 2/3 of those have been adopted into loving homes. CATS is an all volunteer rescue (of 1 person, me)\xa0 that literally takes abused, abandoned, feral, neglected or injured cats from the streets that have no home and cares for them until a home can be found for t