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Adoption policy

It is the mission of Caring Hearts 4 Paws (CH4P) to address, educate, rescue and provide aid and relief to neglected, abused and homeless stray animals at risk of ultimate death left to their own devices. It is our duty to provide immediate transport, veterinary care and shelter as needed to assure the safety and wellbeing of each dog. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for healing both physically and emotionally until a well screened forever family is found. It is our purpose to provide second chances to stray and mistreated dogs. To educate the general public of the importance of spay and neutering as well as vaccines and yearly care for their pets. To decrease the number of stray dogs placing pressure on local government and municipal shelters and rescues.

All microchips registered with Findpet can be traced internationally through the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) universal pet microchip lookup, ensuring your pet's safety at home or during travel.