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Dreams Come True Rescue Corp

945 Willow Brook Rd, Plainfield, NH 03781, United States

Adoption policy

For three years, Dreams Come True Rescue has operated as a private, non-profit organization, caring for lost and homeless pets. Last year 98% of the pets went to new or existing homes. We are a 501c3, totally transparent No Kill rescue, where we firmly believe that no healthy or treatable pet should be euthanized. We have accepted stray and unwanted pets surrendered to us from local communities in the Upper Valley. We are also hoping to develop a more regional/state level focus, and have accepted those that are easily adoptable as pets, as well as those that need special nurturing from abusive or neglectful experiences. Our goal is to venture to Southern States monthly to bring as many homeless dogs in overpopulated situations, and find them loving homes. Mission: Help pets in need through sheltering, adoption, and community outreach. Vision: A community free of homeless and neglected pets.

All microchips registered with Findpet can be traced internationally through the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) universal pet microchip lookup, ensuring your pet's safety at home or during travel.