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Lovable Mutts Adoption Center (aka PDR)

138 Memorial Dr, Clarenville, NL A5A 1N5, Canada

Adoption policy

Lovable Mutts Adoption Center is a private, in home, all breed rescue/adoption facility, specializing in all ages and sizes of dogs. We rely on donations and adoptions, to continue running our rescue, SO PLEASE ADOPT FROM US, so we can keep doing what we have been doing for over 25 years. Each dog you adopt saves 2 to 3 dogs, for it frees up space with us and the shelters we pull our dogs from. Thank you so much - every little bit helps. We pride ourselves on being an HOLISTIC center and feed only holistic grain free types of foods and give daily, various, vitamins and supplements to all of our dogs. Our dogs are well socialized, very friendly, well mannered, affectionate, and in wonderful health. We work with our adopters in any way we can, to help them to work with their new family member,. We give training tips and behavioral tips, and even board for a very reasonable fee. Our dogs are extremely well cared for and most even know how to use a dog door by the time they leave us, know basic commands, and are crate trained! We stand by our pups/dogs, and give 10 days for a refund and almost always take our dogs back at any age of their lives (can sometimes depend on the dog)! Our dogs are spayed or neutered (if old enough), up to date on vaccines, wormed, heartworm tested, and free of fleas and ticks. We temperament test our dogs and they are all suitable for many family situations. Our dogs are well mannered, and are in our family/home situation at this time (not kept in kennels or crates), and are worked with daily. All of our dogs do well with other dogs and many do well with cats, and we can cat test. Adoption donations vary with age, breed, vetting, and training of the dog, and range from $250 to $595. This donation helps to pay for shots, de-wormings, spays, neuters, flea protection, heartworm/Lyme testing, treatments, transport fees, and other vetting/issues that might be needed, for dogs in our care. (We do not tend to place puppies, small dogs, or most dogs, with kids under 6 and reserve the right to match who WE feel would be the best homes for our dogs.) Lovable Mutts Adoption Center has an application screening process. All applicants are asked to provide vet references, personal references, and a home visit. We pride ourselves in matching up the right dog with the right home. Sometimes this happens quickly and sometimes it might take awhile. We hope you understand and are willing to wait for the perfect pup for your situation. We reserve the right to turn applicants down and to change our mind about a suitable match, for we are only concerned about what is best for our dogs. Also note that we arrange our visiting hours around your schedule, as this is a private, in home facility. We respond to all inquiries promptly, so if you have any trouble sending us an email, or have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please, CONTACT US AGAIN and check your spam! (We all know how emails can be at times!) Please, come adopt one of our Lovable Mutts - you will be so glad you did! (IF YOU DO NOT GET A REPLY EMAIL WITHIN 24 HOURS, CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX - WE REPLY EVERY FEW HOURS TO EMAILS)

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