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LowRider Dachshund Rescue

Adoption policy

LowRider Dachshund Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving dachshunds/dachshund mixes from kill shelters,puppy mills, and owner surrenders. In 2008, LRDR president realized the amount of dachshunds being euthanized in shelters all around OKC. With the help of Amber Lutrell, they decided it was time to step in. So in late 2008, LowRider Dachshund Rescue was founded. We take in 200+ homeless and unwanted doxies a year and find them loving fur-ever homes! We are staffed completely by un-paid volunteers. We do not have a facility, all of our dogs are currently fostered in private foster homes through the metro. \xa0 Our Mission Our mission since 2008 has been to save homeless and unwanted Dachshund and Dachshund mixes. No matter where they come from, we get them the vet care that they need and provide them with the love and care they have been deprived of. We will educate the public on the reasons to rescue a pet, reasons to spa

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