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Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue

1030 County Rd 1, Wilson, TX 79381, United States

Adoption policy

Our rescue was founded by a group of friends. We saw a strong need for advocates for Pit Bulls in our community. The Lubbock, TX animal shelter takes in close to 2,000 Pit Bulls each year and euthanizes approximately 80% of Pit Bulls that arrive at the shelter. Overpopulation, abandonment, homelessness, discrimination, and cruelty are all serious issues facing this breed in Lubbock and across the nation. Our mission is the following: -Alleviate suffering through rescue and adoption into loving, stable, reliable forever homes -Assist the city shelter with Pit Bulls -Provide breed specific education to the community with emphasis on the importance of spay/neuter, microchipping, anti-chaining, and breed perception -Provide resources for members of our community that own Pit Bulls including spay/neuter, microchips, and vaccinations

All microchips registered with Findpet can be traced internationally through the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) universal pet microchip lookup, ensuring your pet's safety at home or during travel.