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Valley Humane Society Inc.

15699 W Aniceto Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85193, United States

Adoption policy

Why We Need You: Many impounded animals in city and county shelters often have only three to ten days in which they are available for adoption, while VHS animals may be sheltered for many months. VHS is a no-kill shelter. Located on three acres, the VHS shelter cares for up to 50 dogs and 30 cats at a time.\xa0 Each year VHS needs a minimum of $140,000 to provide these animals with food, housing, health care, and protection from cruelty and other dangers. However, unlike the city and county shelters, VHS receives absolutely no public funding from any government source or from any other animal welfare organization, national or local. The shelter survives solely on donations. Share in our vision that healthy companion animals should not be put to death for lack of a home, lack of shelter space, or lack of compassion. Please consider volunteering, donating, and/or adopting a p