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Wabash County Animal Shelter

810 Manchester Ave, Wabash, IN 46992, United States

Adoption policy

Our Mission Statement: to provide Wabash County with an animal shelter to protect dogs and cats from abuse and neglect, to find forever homes for unwanted dogs and cats, and to educate the public on proper animal care. The Wabash County Animal shelter is a 501(c3) nonprofit facility that is not operated by the county. Its policies are determined by an operational volunteer board of directors. The shelter is a limited animal entrance facility. More than 90% of the animals coming through the shelter doors are ultimately adopted into loving and caring homes, either directly from the shelter or through other agencies and rescues. This is above the industry standard definition of a no-kill shelter, a name which is a confusing misnomer for the general public. As a limited entrance shelter, there is at times a waiting list for animal surrenders. There are inside kennel spaces for a total of 15 dogs with 4 additional outside kennels that are available only during the summer months. Two of the inside spaces are reserved for the law enforcement officers who might bring in a stray animal or one involved in a bite situation. There are 16 large cages for adult cats, mothers with kittens or several kittens by themselves. The quarantine area can hold 6 cats and can be used at times for the adoptable overflow. Animals brought in as strays or found animals are held for 3-5 days to allow for possible owner reclaim. After this time, dogs are tested for heartworm and cats for feline leukemia(FeLV) and feline Immunodeficiency virus(FIV). Both species are then given routine vaccinations including rabies. Animals who are healthy and exhibit no behavioral problems or issues are then available for adoption. The shelter is a low-kill facility with animals being euthanized for primarily medical and behavioral reasons. Every effort is made utilizing a variety of resources to place all animals into new homes but , as dictated by the board based on average stays of animals, there has been a 60 day limit on some at which time, if they have not been adopted the are deemed unadoptable and may be euthanized. When the shelter is at capacity, owner surrendered animals cannot be accepted and will be put on a waiting list until room is available. At times, even stray and found animals may be turned away. As a nonprofit operation, the shelter relies on donations, both material and monetary to provide the services it gives. We operate with a paid staff of 5 people, a full time manager, a full time veterinary technician, and 3 part-time associates. We currently have approximately 15 volunteers per month working a total of about 100 hours. We take in about 61 animals per month. /about 37 of those animals are adopted each month. Most of the rest are reclaimed by their owners or go to a rescue. Each of these cats and dogs need care upon their arrival in our shelter. Our staff wouldn\"t be able to do this without help from our dedicated volunteers. Volunteer roles include dog walking, offsite adoption events, rescuing, kennel care, dog bathing, facility maintenance, administrative tasks, marketing, photography, and foster care. We are a member of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Please go to to sign up. Call us for details. Our rewards number is 76621. We are also a member of Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax. Check your smart phone apps store and select us as your shelter of choice. We earn money when you walk your dog!! Our Hope for the Helpless Fund, established in memory of a Wabash resident, provides non-routine medical care for animals needing such that could not otherwise be afforded. This has assured the adoption of over 33 animals into loving homes since 2017. The shelter has an endowment at The Community Foundation of Wabash County. The endowment provides unrestricted support to the shelter for future needs. The Paws and Claws Gift Shop sells new and gently used pet items as well as unique and personalized items for the pet lovers. The shelter has partnered with Literacy for Companionship so children can read to the animals giving the child more confidence necessary to be good readers while helping them understand the importance of showing animals compassion and empathy. We take dogs or cats to the assisted living and nursing homes in the county and allow residents to interact with them. This brightens their spirits and gives them something to look forward to as well as helping to socialize our animals. You can now make a donation to the shelter using ““. Follow the prompts and select Wabash County Animal Shelter, Inc. Go to and click on give back. Click on Find a Rescue. Click on W and select Wabash County Animal Shelter, Inc. Call the shelter for a current Wish list.

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