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Adoption policy

*Petfinder ran by the City of Wasco Animal Shelter staff Welcome to the City of Wasco Petfinder Page **WEEKLY NEWS/UPDATES** . 10/3/2022 : (Rahzar) Adopted (Simon) Adopted (Julia) Adopted ************************************************************************* Wasco Animal Shelter is -Open by APPOINTMENT ONLY -Appointments made by via email is NOT available -On the day of the animals availability, adoptions are on a first come, first serve basis. Rescues are on a first come first serve basis starting 10am. Animal control officers will only respond after hours to calls related to health and safety Owners and rescues will still be able to pick up animals from the shelter with an appointment only We do not provide spay/neuter services Missing pet? feel free to email us a photo of the animal at or or give us a call at 661-758-7240. email is not used for solicitation. ************************************************************************* Municipal Codes 6.04.130 Treatment and record of animal seized. The animal control officer shall require that a true and faithful record be kept of the number and description of all animals taken into custody, the date of their impounding and the date and manner of their disposition. He shall require that the necessary subsistence be provided for animals while in custody, that no mark or brand thereon be altered and that no animal suffers from inhumane treatment. (Ord. 587 (part), 2009: Ord. 328 §3 (part), 1987). 6.04.140 Notice of impoundment. Upon impounding any animal, the animal control officer may cause to be published in any newspaper circulated within the community where the animal was captured a notice describing the animal, the date of its impoundment and the address of the animal shelter or pound where it is being kept. The cost of the publication shall be charged against and collected from the owner of the animal before the animal may be released from impound. (Ord. 587 (part), 2009: Ord. 328 §3 (part), 1987). 6.04.150 Conditions for animal release. The animal control officer shall not release to its owner, or sell, any animal that has been impounded in accordance with the provisions of this chapter unless the person to whom the animal is to be released or sold provides satisfactory proof to the animal control officer that the animal will be maintained in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and any other applicable law. (Ord. 587 (part), 2009: Ord. 328 §3 (part), 1987). ************************************************************************* Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call (661) 758-7240 Wasco Animal Shelter 5409 7th St. Wasco Ca 93280

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FindpetTM is a Participating Pet Recovery Service Registry for the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. AAHA provides an internet-based application that enables veterinarians, humane organizations, pet owners or other persons to search various Pet Recovery Service registries and identify those registries on which a particular microchip is registered. AAHA is not affiliated or involved with any specific microchip registry and has no relationship, financial or otherwise, with this Participating Pet Recovery Service Registry ("Registry"). This Registry has given AAHA permission to search the Registry's database in order to assist pet owners in being reunited with their pets. AAHA does not maintain a database of microchips of its own. It only links to registries such as this one. The AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup Tool only searches the databases of companies that elect to participate in the program.