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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19140
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Meet Oatley! Known by his shelter friends as friendly with people and other doggos! This 1-year-old fella would love to find a home where he can learn all kinds of tricks while showing you all the love his has to give!

Oatley was found as a stray and brought to ACCT on 12/13, Oatley is ready I get started with his new life! Could it be with you?!

Eligible for Foster and Adoption. Meet Oatley at ACCT Philly any day of the week from 10am-6pm, or email to express interest in fostering him.

Oatleys ideal home is without children younger than 12 due to arousal with play - Oatley can get jumpy and mouthy during energetic play, but is easily redirected with toys.

NOTES from Shelter Friends -- 
Per staff 1/5: Took Oatley out with a volunteer - He was very excited in kennel, but was able to be easily leashed and led out of kennel. He pulled mildly on leash and once in the yard, was very excitable - jumped up on his handlers a few times, ran around the yard, and did get mildly mouthy a few times. He has puppy energy, but after a few minutes he did calm down a bit. He went back into kennel nicely.

Per Volunteer 12/30:
Oatley is an endlessly energetic guy! He loves playing tug, he can be jumpy and mouthy but will stop after firmly told him no. He also responds to the sit command pretty well. He is very sweet and never showed any regression. 

Per volunteer 12/27: 
What a sweet walking buddy. He walks at such a nice pace and does not pull. He was a bit jumpier today than on previous walks, but was able to sit for treatos and a quick pic. 

Per volunteer 12/20:
Sweet loving boy!! SO good at leashing and walked very politely. We went to the iso play yard and he was very handler oriented. He showed me sit and was very gentle taking treats. He has some puppy tendencies, mostly that he wants all the affection and hugs that he can get. Big time cuddler

Per staff 12/17:
I held onto Oatley for about 15 minutes while waiting for dog intake to open up. Oatley was a super sweet, friendly pup! He does like to jump up and put his paws up on people to solicit attention. Would mouth a little bit when excited, but no issues redirecting. He seems young and is very social!

Per Staff 12/15 - Behavior Evaluation:
Oatley walked around the room with a neutral body and a high tail. He solicited attention from me multiple times unprompted. He would very gently jump up onto my lap, and allowed all handling. He took treats very gently as well. When I got down on the floor with him he became even more affectionate, rolling around in my lap and giving me kisses.

Oatley meets smores

Shark Boy and Oatley:

Thomas and Oatley:

Oatley, Emsley, Maya, Cash Money, and Sheena:

Maya, Emsley, Oatley, Cash Money, Rocky Rockstar, Sheena, and Spot Baltimore:

Cash Money, Basco, Brit, Maya, Emsley, and Oatley:

Emsley, Humphrey, Oatley, and Basco:

Oatley at Playgroup:


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