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Forgotten, Now Family Rescue

Adoption policy

Forgotten, now Family Rescue is an organization\xa0dedicated to rescuing unwanted and neglected canines. While helping dogs find their perfect forever home, we hope to educate the community by\xa0promoting humane and compassionate treatment to dogs\xa0of all breeds and sizes throughout the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. We strive to be of service to all dogs. We want to see a change in our community and believe in doing so not only by rescuing dogs in need, but promoting spay/neuter programs, implementing a Junior Volunteer program and responsibly connecting dogs who truly deserve a second chance to our community in every way possible. We are 100% donor supported\xa0and operate solely by volunteers. If you are interested in fostering, donating, adopting or volunteering, please visit our website & sign up to help! Our email is not currently being monitored.

All microchips registered with Findpet can be traced internationally through the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) universal pet microchip lookup, ensuring your pet's safety at home or during travel.